SchoolVision Assessment

In addition to a full eye test, we will investigate:

  • Difficulties at school, home and at play
  • The eyes are working together properly to provide stable binocular vision
  • Reading skills and the childs potential
  • The ability for eyes to follow and track a moving object
  • That both eyes can focus clearly for reading
  • Reading speed
  • Colour preference and light sensitivity

How does this help?

Following the Schoolvision assessment, we will manage your childs sight with vision-therapy, spectacles, contact lenses or other techniques that will benefit your child by providing:

  • Better school performance
  • Increased reading speed
  • Better arithmetic
  • Increased self-esteem / confidence
  • Clearer writing
  • Increased concentration
  • Decreased tiredness & anxiety
  • Reduction of headaches/migraines
  • Calming effect (in children with hyperactivity).

Unfortunately many of these tests are not included in a standard NHS eye test. Speak to our Optometrist today to discuss how we can help your child to succeed.