Imagine correcting your vision whilst you sleep. Imagine waking up to clear, comfortable vision in the morning, without the need to wear specs or contact lenses during the day. Well, imagine no more. Introducing… EyeDream

EyeDream is a form of Orthokeratology. These groundbreaking lenses are worn overnight to gently reshape the front of the eye. In the morning, the lenses are removed, and the wearer can enjoy crisp, corrected vision all day. EyeDream lenses are effective, affordable and have proved life-changing for thousands of people.

EyeDream wearers enjoy many benefits, including:

  • The best opportunity to reduce or halt the progression of myopia and avoid the risk of future complications with vision.
  • The freedom to swim, play sports and enjoy an active lifestyle without the restriction of specs and lenses.
  • Peace of mind for parents - lenses are worn at night and at home so lens wear and care can be monitored and there is no need to worry about lost specs or contacts.

Eye Dream lenses gently reshape the curvature of the eye overnight, creating a slightly flatter cornea. The cornea plays a key role in creating a sharp optical focus.

It works each night while you sleep. You put the lenses on when you go to bed and remove them when you wake up. Your vision is clear during the day, without glasses or contact lenses.


With no lens
With lens fitted
After overnight adjustement
With lens removed

Upon waking, the slight change in corneal curvature is enough to create clear, sharp vision for the duration of the day. In addition, it is believed that the refocusing of light on the peripheral retina slows down the progression of myopia in children.

Eye Dream uses a tried-and-tested design that has been in use since 2002, and is only ever performed by an optical specialist trained in corneal topography. It is non- invasive, comfortable and safe.


Orthokeratology is recommended for patients with mild to moderate myopia:

  • A spherical spectacle description of -0.75D up to -6.00D
  • Astigmatism of up to -2.50D (depending on its axis)


Numerous studies have indicated that Orthok lenses can dramatically slow the progression of short-sightedness in children - subsequently reducing the risk of developing associated problems, such as glaucoma, in adulthood.

The improvements vary for each child, and the treatment has never been known to exacerbate Myopia, making it the best, safest option available now.

  • EyeDream lenses use a unique process that can free a person from glasses or daytime contact lenses.
  • Can prevent a child’s near-sightedness from getting worse
  • Easy lens care each night, even for children
  • Often the best treatment for near-sightedness, over any daytime lenses