Learning Difficulties


There are over a million adults with learning disabilities in the UK and one in ten has a serious sight problem. According to UK charity SeeAbility, as many as half may not have had a recent sight test.

We support people with learning disabilities and autism to maintain or grow their independence and participation in the community.

Many people who have learning disabilities have sight problems and this means that very often those that care for them may not be aware of how much they can see. We can tell their supporters more about how much the person can see and how this impacts upon them.

Children with Learning Disabilities

Sight is very important to a child’s learning and development and early eye care can prevent more serious sight problems later on. Children with learning disabilities are 28 times more likely to have a serious sight problem than other children but are often not accessing the eye care they need.

Regardless of Age, we treat all of our patients with dignity and are conscious to provide the best eye care that we can, in order to help them achieve their full potential.

Champions of Clarity

Good eyesight enables people to learn, communicate and feel more confident. Yet there is a huge gap between the eye care needs of people with learning disabilities and the support available.

Our Optometrists have over 15 years of experience in providing eye care to people that have various communication challenges, be that very young children, people with Learning Disabilities or individuals with Dementia.

We follow the guidance and recommendation from UK charity See Ability, so that we can offer great eye care to individuals with Learning Disabilities. Speak to us to discuss the needs of those that you care for. We would be happy to see them in our practice or visit them at home, should this be more convenient.