Childrens Vision

Over 80% of information that we receive is through our eyes. In order to process information correctly, it is vital that the actual input is received without distortion. When this fails to happen your child can be faced with unnecessary challenges that can have a major impact on their social, academic and body coordination skills.

Children’s eyes can change quickly – sometimes even within 3 months. For this reason, regular sight tests are an important aspect of you child’s overall health and wellbeing.

At Hilliers, we want each and every child to succeed. We’re helping to break down the barriers to success by introducing holistic eye care. Any high street optician can provide your child with a pair of glasses or two. However, there’s more to children’s eye care than the eye.

Hilliers Vision can help your child to beat the effects of visual stress and Dyslexia. Read More


NHS Sight Test for Children

As qualified, NHS Opticians, we provide free sight test and glasses to children up to the age of 16 yrs. This is extended to everyone under 19 yrs old if they remain in full time education.

An eye examination is an important starting point for your child's eyecare. At Hilliers, we will assess their vision so they can see as clearly as possible. We also check that the two eyes are working together efficiently and without strain, as well as checking the health of your child's eyes too.

Our free NHS glasses range includes a wide range of plastic and metal frames. We want your child to feel confident whilst wearing their glasses and this will only happen if they love what they wear. Our dispensing team will also ensure that the spectacles chosen fit well and do not slip off.

Call our friendly Optical team to book an appointment for your child or to speak to us about any concerns you have. You can catch us on 020 8863 1541.

Change your Child's future...

Hilliers Vision can help your child to beat the effects of visual stress and Dyslexia

During our SchoolVision assessment, we study the way in which your child's eyes work together as they read and carry out other visual tasks, with particular emphasis on the relationship between their vision and learning difficulties. Eyes can sometimes fail to cope with the pressures of everyday tasks such as reading, writing and operating electronic devices. We don't want this to limit your child's ability and can identify potential challenges.

The visual system is a phenomenal piece of hardware that is able to produce amazing results if working correctly. When this isn't the case, the effects on a person can include:

  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Frustration
  • Lack of attention
  • Poor behavior
  • Poor reading and writing skills
  • Poor hand-eye or body-eye coordination resulting in clumsiness.

By correcting these problems, children can read faster, more accurately and with greater confidence. Body movements can become more accurate and therefore their overall development can continue unhindered.

Not just for children

Whilst the greatest benefits of our SchoolVision assessment are achieved by treating symptoms at a young age, adults can also undertake a SchoolVision assessment, the principles being exactly the same.

In fact, many people are still being diagnosed with learning difficulties at university or when they start work. For these individuals, we have been able to improve their visual ability to allow them greater comfort in reading or occupational tasks.

Teachers and Sencos have a vital role to play in the early diagnosis and referral of symptoms, we like to work closely with individuals that support children so that together, we can provide the best outcome for the individual.

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