"Opticians are all the same. It’s a place you go when you get ‘that letter’ through the door or worse still, because you “have to”. It’s functional, clinical, and hasn’t changed much since your parents used to take you when you were a child..."

For over 60 years, the people of Harrow have entrusted their eye care to our independent family-owned business. Inspired by the practice’s previous owner Mr Len Hillier, we recently re branded to ‘Hilliers Vision’.

Hilliers Vision tears up the rule book when it comes to eye care. Our lifestyles have changed and we’ve adapted too. We’re in tune with the rhythm of everyday life. We’re totally switched on to the new active lifestyles of our patients young and old.

Our expertise reaches beyond a standard eye test with a deeper understanding of visual function. We embrace our customers’ busy, active lifestyles and understand that eyewear for the whole family is more than just a functional accessory, it’s a proud statement of who you are and a vital element of your health.

We offer consistently high levels of clinical care that our patients have become accustomed to, while ensuring we deliver the highest standards for everyone, of all ages.

Pop in for a coffee and see the difference that Hilliers Vision can make for you.